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From : Your Host: Carolyn Hansen

Exercise Motivation: Self Hypnosis MP3 Download How To Get Moving When You Are Just Not Motivated
Let’s be honest: it’s not always easy to find the motivation to exercise, and it’s even harder when you just don’t enjoy it. Getting active is so very important and this special MP3 will help you discover how to change your mindset about it so you can enjoy the multitude of physical, mental and emotional health benefits.

Imagine what it would be like to:

• Feel better about your body and health!
• Have more energy and zest for life!
• Be motivated to exercise and have fun doing it!

Discover how easy it is to train your subconscious mind to effortlessly guide you to where you can actually find exercise enjoyable.
Value = $47

From : Your Host: Lily Jensen

Money Reiki Infused Meditation
Money, wealth, prosperity & abundance are your birthright.

And I am committed to bringing the spiritual energy of money (which is equal to pure love energy) back into our worldly money.

This audio will clear your root chakra & money energy while you simply relax and listen.

And the more you use it, the more your money energy will clear, elevate & align with the spiritual energy of money (the highest form & it's infinite)!

Download your free audio now.
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From : Zen Manifesto

Vision Quest MP3s
Vision Quest is a musical journey in three parts. The first and last tracks are short and emotionally uplifting. The middle track in this album is very long and has been designed to encourage deep states of relaxation, natural healing and to enhance formal meditation.

#1 - "The Calling" is a very atmospheric track. Spacious, ambient and majestic.

#2 - "The Journey". While the first and last tracks on this album are emotionally stirring, "The Journey" is not.

#3 - "The Awakening" concludes the album and helps you return to a normal waking state after your long, deep journey within.

Allow me to invite you to go on a Musical Journey today!
Value = $109

From : 5th Dimensional Being

5th Dimensional Transformation Audio
This portal to the 5th Dimension has been opened...

And this audio will allow your entire being to experience the higher vibrations of the 5th Dimension.

Once you begin listening to it,

You'll have the opportunity to activate your 12 strands of DNA for ascension while all negative energies will be transmuted into pure love, compassion, and forgiveness.

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity!

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Value = $97

From : World Of Alternatives

4 Aromatherapy Frequency Downloads
Clinical research shows that essential oils have the highest frequency of any known natural substance.

They start at 52 MHz for Bergamot Oil and go as high as 320 MHz for Rose Oil.

The frequencies of essential oils have the ability to help restore and/or maintain a person's own frequency for optimal health.

We have incorporated harmonics of these frequencies into our aroma oil compositions.

Download the rose oil, tea tree oil, sandalwood oil and clary sage oil frequencies with immediate access.
Value = $60

From : Perfect Path

20 Surprising Things About Pain
In order to beat pain, you must first understand it.

This gift is the 1st step!

Start your journey to a pain-free life without harmful, addictive drugs.

* The opioid crisis is taking lives daily. Take the first step in protecting you and your loved ones.

Begin Today Free Of Charge.
Value = $27

From : MIchael Lee

The 1 Strange Trick That Creates Life-Changing Miracles
This strange "trick" has created many miracles for tens and thousands of people...

For example ---

It has gotten near-death patients to miraculously heal at the last minute!

And turned more people with no special skill or talents to millionaires literally overnight... than any other techniques ever used!

If the Law of Attraction, visualization, affirmations, or prayers have failed you, then it's Critical you download your Free leaked PDF & Mp3.

With this secret trick, you can truly command the Universe. And you'll be able to use it, in only a few minutes from now.
Value = $17

From : Jason Stephenson

60 Minute - Deep Sleep Meditation
You're going to receive a Unique 60-minute guided meditation by the #1 meditation expert, Jason Stephenson.

It will help you:

- Relax
- Find your inner peace
- Activate the Law of Attraction
- Release Stress

It usually costs $47 but..

..for a limited time only you can download it here for Free.

It won't be available for too long, so get it now while still you can.
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From : Nicky Stephans

Subliminal Wealth Booster
MP3 Download: The Subliminal Wealth Booster

How about attracting unlimited wealth without changing anything in your daily routine?

You will be able to:

- Enjoy your daily activities while reprogramming your subconscious.
- Unleash your brain's unlimited capabilities for wealth attraction
- Feel more energetic and focused
- Much more
Value = $97

20 Healthy Raw Snacks
Free healthy snack recipe book to replace the junk food in your life. No sugar. No flour. No baking
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